In cooperation with our efficient suppliers and our own experience in the field of CNC machining, forging and welding technology, we offer our customers machined parts of all kinds based on castings, forgings, bar steel and steel sheet of greater thickness in the highest quality at reasonable prices. Our quality system guarantees that the parts produced by us according to your drawings and specifications will meet your high requirements.

Horizontal Forgings

  • Shaft Diameter 20 to 120 mm
  • Length up to 12 meters
  • All suitable forging metals

Die-Forged Parts

  • Weight 0,5 to 100 kg
  • Low alloyed
  • Use und treatable steels
  • Alloyed, rust- und acid proof
  • Wear resistant grades
  • Manganese steel


  • Bogie for train cars
  • Hitches and tow couplings
  • Conveyor chains
  • Construction machinery
  • Forestry and agricultural machinery
  • Automotive
  • Parts for track equiped vehicles